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Adenium, commonly known as the Desert Rose, is a stunning succulent that captures hearts with its vibrant flowers and distinctive caudex.


Plumeria, also known as Frangipani. These captivating tropical beauties are known for their enchanting fragrance and vibrant, exotic blooms.

Euphorbia Milii

Euphorbia milii – A Crown of Beauty: Known for its elegance and tenacious beauty, commonly known as Crown of Thorns.

Adenium Seed

Elevate your garden with our premium Adenium Seeds! Unleash the beauty of Desert Roses in your own oasis. Shop now for a burst of vibrant blooms

Plumeria Seed

Experience the allure of paradise in your garden with our exquisite Plumeria Seeds! Plant the seeds of elegance and let the fragrance of blooming beauty fill your space

Lotus Seed

Embrace serenity with our Lotus Seeds – the key to cultivating tranquility in your own pond or garden. Start your journey to inner peace with these exquisite seeds.


Quality is at the heart of our mission. We treat our seeds and plants with love, ensuring that each product meets the highest standards. From germination, and planting to shipping, we take pride in providing you with premium botanical treasures that are ready to flourish in your care.


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